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Phil Spector


Phil Spector (2011)

Phil Spector - Phil Spector

'Phil Spector Presents the Philles Album Collection' is a new seven CD box set featuring most of the albums from Phil Spector's Philles label. Andy Cassidy reflects back on the album career of singles man, Phil Spector



Darlene Love
Interview Darlene Love - Interview

Lisa Torem talks to pop legend Darlene Love about her five decade career and working with Phil Spector


Night and Day, Manchester, 5/2/2008 Glasvegas - Night and Day, Manchester, 5/2/2008

Rising stars Glasvegas marry the Jesus and Mary Chain’s squalling feedback fetish and Phil Spector’s 60's wall of sound. Dixie Ernill at the Night and Day in Manchester finds them a stunning as an aural and visual spectacle.

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