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Risa Hall


Interview (2011)

Risa Hall - Interview

New York-born, but now Manchester-based singer-songwriter Risa Hall talks to Malcolm Carter about her careers in both music and acting and eclectic debut album, 'Glass Half…?’


Gold Dust (2020)

Five tracker from Risa Hall finds the Manchester-based singer-songwriter displaying a poppier side that she has only touched upon in previous releases

Love is Telepathic (2018)

Stunning collection of diverse songs from New York-born but Manchester-based Risa Hall who confirms once again what a true talent this singer-songwriter is

Soundtrack to My Life (2016)

As a taster for her new album due this summer, Manchester-based yet New York-born Risa Hall releases her new single which is just aching to be picked up for radio play

New York Nights (2014)

Compelling tribute to her home city on addictive new EP from New York-born but Manchester-based singer-songwriter, Risa Hall

Second Chance (2013)

Excellent reissue of New York-born but Manchester-based singer-songwriter Risa Hall's diverse debut album, which originally came out in 2011 under the title of 'Glass Half…?’

Glass Half...? (2011)

Breathtakingly versatile debut album from New York-born and now Manchester-based singer-songwriter and actress, Risa Hall

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