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Gabby Young and Other Animals


Interview (2010)

Gabby Young and Other Animals - Interview

New Pennyblackmusic writer Paul Waller speaks to singer-songwriter and folk artist Gabby Young about her former training in opera, her band Other Animals and their debut album, 'We're All in This Together'


Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/5/2015

Gabby Young and Other Animals - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/5/2015

Mary O'Meara lightens up after a full colour spectrum performance by Gabby Young to counteract the post-election blues in Manchester's Ruby Lounge


The Band Called Out for More (2012)

Confusing and unsatisfactory second studio album from eccentric London-based band Gabby Young and Other Animals, which would probably work better live

We're All in This Together (2009)

First-rate and unique-sounding debut album from London-based band, Gabby Young and Other Animals

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