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Ashley Reaks


Interview (2023)

Ashley Reaks - Interview

Harrogate multi-talent Ashley Reaks just released ‘Winter Crawls,’ which includes a host of well-known guests, superb imagery and one-off instrumental work. He updates Lisa Torem with the back stories.

Interview (2018)

Ashley Reaks - Interview

In our third interview with him, Lisa Torem speaks to experimental artist and multi-instrumentalist Ashley Reaks about his latest album, ‘The Earth Swan Sings Again'.

Interview (2010)

Ashley Reaks - Interview

In what is his second interview with Pennyblackmusic, singer-songwriter, visual artist and stand-up comedian Ashley Reaks speaks to Lisa Torem about his just released new album, 'Here's to the Good Life'

Interview (2009)

Ashley Reaks - Interview

British-based multi-instrumentalist, comedian, spoken-word punk poet and visual artist Ashley Reaks speaks to Lisa Torem about his often bittersweet, always jugularly honest latest album of music, 'Melancholia'


The Earth Swan Sings Again (2018)

Imaginative latest album from Harrogate-based experimental musician Ashley Reaks which is a great culmination of uncompromised talent

Before Koresh (2015)

For his seventh album, London-based collage artist/guitarist/singer Ashley Reaks, with old and new friends, examines the seamy side of urban life through riveting story lines and a barrage of instruments

Compassion Fatigue (1-8) (2014)

Uncompromising but rewarding sixth album from Harrogate-based visual artist and experimental musician, Ashley Reaks

Power Failure (2013)

Turbulent but hypnotic fifth album from Harrogate-based experimental artist, Ashley Reaks

Here's to the Good Life (2010)

Sensational and totally unpredictable and original fourth album from British singer-songwriter Ashley Reaks, who is also a visual artist and stand-up comedian

Melancholia (2009)

Stunning, totally captivating third album frm English visual artist, stand-up comedian and singer-songwriter Ashley Reaks which merges together elements of electronica, rock, jazz and African and Indian music

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