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Official Secrets Act


Interview (2009)

Official Secrets Act - Interview

Lawrence Diamond from rising pop/rock band Official Secrets Act speaks to Dixie Ernill about his band and their recently released debut album, 'Understanding Electricity'


Roadhouse, Manchester, 26/3/2009

Official Secrets Act - Roadhouse, Manchester, 26/3/2009

Out on the road to promote their debut album 'Understanding Electricity', Dixie Ernill watches excitable band-on-the-rise Official Secrets Act play a stunning set of indie pop at the Manchester Roadhouse


Understanding Electricity (2009)

Exceptional debut album from much hyped London-based pop band Official Secrets Act, who prove with it to be far more than a great singles band

The Girl from the BBC (2009)

Catchy-as-hell new single from recent One Little Inidan signing who seem destined for mainstream chart success

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