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Fleet Foxes


Roundhouse, London, 22/2/2009

Fleet Foxes - Roundhouse, London, 22/2/2009

At the Roundhouse in London Anthony Middleton discovers that much hyped Seattle-based group the Fleet Foxes' veneer of innocent charm has hidden and unchanneled depths in a perfect evening of music

ULU, London, 11/6/2008

Fleet Foxes - ULU, London, 11/6/2008

Fleet Foxes have received deafening acclaim for their wondrous harmonies and classic rock sound. On their first British tour at a packed show at the London ULU Anthony Dhanendran living up to the grand wave of expectation that has preceeded them


Shore (2020)

First-rate new album from Seattle-based folk-rock act Fleet Foxes, which intended to be the first part of a larger project, takes its inspiration from several lost musical heroes

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