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Anais Mitchell


Interview (2009)

Anais Mitchell - Interview

At a gig in Newcastle on their recent European tour, Jonjo McNeill speaks to singer Yuke Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna from New York shoegazers Asobi Seksu about touring, songwriting and their just released third alabum, 'Hush'

Interview (2009)

Anais Mitchell - Interview

American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell recently signed to Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label. Ben Howarth at a show at the Luminaire in London speaks to her about politics and her exceptional new album, 'The Brightness'


Union Chapel, London, 25/1/2011

Anais Mitchell - Union Chapel, London, 25/1/2011

Ben Howarth at the Union Chapel in London watches American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, with an extensive set of guest musicians including both Thea Gilmore and Jackie Leven, reenact her concept album, 'Hadestown', to standing ovation and hypnotic effect

12 Bar Club, London, 24/5/2010

Anais Mitchell - 12 Bar Club, London, 24/5/2010

On the first night of a three night residency, Ben Howarth watches Anais Mitchell play a triumphant set to promote her much acclaimed 'Hadestown' at the 12 Bar Club in Londdon

Luminaire, London, 25/1/2010

Anais Mitchell - Luminaire, London, 25/1/2010

At the London Luminaire Ben Howarth sees Anais Mitchell and her label mate at Ana di Franco's Righteous Babe label Erin McKeown play an exuberant acoustic set to promote Mitcherll's forthcoming folk opera, 'Hadestown'

Luminaire, London, 21/1/2009

Anais Mitchell - Luminaire, London, 21/1/2009

Signed to Ani Difranco’s Righteous Babe Records, American singer-songwriter has been making an increasing impact in Britain. Guest reviewer Charles Howarth watches her play a emotive set to an entranced audience at the Luminaire in London


Anais Mitchell (2022)

Thoughtful and warm first studio album in ten years for indie folk musician Anais Mitchell who has been focusing on her alternative career writing Broadway musicals.

Young Man in America (2012)

Exccellent first solo album in five years from Vermont-based folk artist and singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, who combines simple, but strong narratives with powerful imagery

Hadestown (2010)

Remarkable and ambitous third album from American-singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, which taking its inspiration from Greek legend, sets new standards in music

Hymns for the Exiled (2008)

Intelligent and original gorgeous acoustic folk-pop on new album from American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, who releases her records on Righteous Babe Records, the label owned by singer Ani DiFranco, and whose records have a similar uncompromising power

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