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John Hiatt


Interview (2011)

John Hiatt - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to American singer-songwriter John Hiatt about his early career, the ideas that influence his songwriting and his latest album, 'Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns'


Mystic Pinball (2012)

Heartbreaking, but often witty examinations of life, love and failure on excellent latest album from acclaimed American singer-songwriter, John Hiatt

The Open Road (2010)

Excellent country rock on latest album from Indiana-based singer-songwriter, John Hiatt

Same Old Man (2008)

Stunning latest album from 56 year old John Hiatt which, after a slightly shaky start, reveals itself to be what could arguably be the strongest set of songs he has recorded in his long career



Gogol Bordello
Interview with Eugene Hutz Gogol Bordello - Interview with Eugene Hutz

Denzil Watson speaks to Eugene Hutz, the frontman with Gogol Bordello, about his group's theatrical stage shows and their forthcoming European Winter tour


Ottawa Cisco Systems Bluesfest
11/7/2010...18/7/2010 Miscellaneous - 11/7/2010...18/7/2010

...while in its second week he also sees performances from John Hiatt, Rush, Arcade Fire, the Gories, Blonde Redhead and Jimmy Cliff


Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello - Gogol Bordello

In the latest in our new photographic series, Anna Gudaniec photographs New York /Ukranian gypsy punks Gogol Bordello at a recent show at the Astoria in London

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