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Fuck Buttons


Hammersmith Apollo, London, 24/10/2008

Fuck Buttons - Hammersmith Apollo, London, 24/10/2008

At the Hammersmith Apollo in London Chris O' Toole finds promising Bristol duo avant garde F*ck Buttons, on a support date to Mogwai, used to playing smaller venues, struggling to translate their sound to a bigger audience

ICA, London, 30/1/2008

Fuck Buttons - ICA, London, 30/1/2008

Chris O' Toole is impressed by Bristol-based duo F**k Buttons' loud and confrontational avant-garde experimentalism, but nevertheless finds it too controlled at a gig at the ICA in London


Horrrsing (2008)

Richly rewarding combination of noise and melody on debut album from tribal-influenced duo, F**k Buttons

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