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Thirteen (2007)

Dark, bu enticing debut album from new punk-electronic group Teenager whose influences include Iggy Pop, Suicide and Nine Inch Nails



Somers Town Miscellaneous - Somers Town

Anthony Strutt finds hard work Shane Meadows's new film, which set in the rundown part of north London of the title, tells of the friendship between a British and a Polish teenager

Ben X Miscellaneous - Ben X

The affecting, but somewhat erratic debut of Belgian director Nic Balthazar, Mark Rowland finds new film 'Ben X', the story of a teenager with Asperger's syndrome who is only truly comfortable when playing a fictional online role playing game, to be an intriguing mass of ideas


Rough Trade East, London, 10/6/2009 Pretenders - Rough Trade East, London, 10/6/2009

Nearly 30 years on after he first saw them live as a teenager, Anthony Strutt finds the Pretenders still as powerful a live force as ever at an acoustic free gig at the Rough Trade East record shop in London


Harry Chapin
Southport Theatre, Southport, 1977 Harry Chapin - Southport Theatre, Southport, 1977

In our 'Gig of a Lifetime' column recalls attending his first gig as a teenager, which was a show by the late American folk singer-songwriter Harry Chapin at the Southport Theatre in 1977

Soundtrack of Our Lives
The Offspring 'Smash' Offspring - The Offspring 'Smash'

In our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' column, in which our writers write about the personal impact on music on their lives, Dan Cressey writes, with Britpop reaching its height in Camden, just a short walk across North London, about being a teenager in the mid 90's and listening instead to the Offspring

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