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Felice Brothers


Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 30/5/2013

Felice Brothers - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 30/5/2013

Dan Cressey finds Americana outfit the Felice Brothers to be a contender for the all American everyman band of choice at a superb show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London


Celebration, Florida (2011)

Gloriously chaotic and dark latest offering from Americana act the Felice Brothers, which finds them refreshingly expanding their range beyond small-town dramas to national American tragedies and affairs

Tonight at the Arizona (2007)

Excellent debut album from the Hudson River -based the Felice Brothers who up-date the ramshackle sound of Dylan and the Band and drag it into this century



Simone Felice
Interview Simone Felice - Interview

At a solo gig in London, former Felice Brothers member Simone Felice talks about his recovery from life-threatening heart surgery, other career as a novelist and his group the Duke and the King's forthcoming second album

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