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Declining Winter


Interview (2023)

Declining Winter - Interview

Adrian Janes talks to Yorkshire-based musician Richard Adams about his band The Declining Winter's first album in five years, 'Really Early, Really Late'.


Really Early, Really Late (2023)

Tenth album from Yorkshire-rooted UK band The Declining Winter who, under aegis of Richard Adams, combine rock, folk, classical, electronica and jazz in beautiful musical mosaics.

Belmont Slope (2019)

Captivating and haunting ambience on latest album fom the Declining Winter, the project of former Hood member Richard Adams

Haunt the Upper Hallways (2009)

Familiar-sounding, but also fresh and inventive second album from the Declining Winter, the side project of Hood member Richard Adams



Hood/Declining Winter
Interview Hood - Interview

With his regular band the highly regarded Hood in hiatus, leeds-based musician Richard Adams talks to Chris Jones about his new group the Declining Winter and its just released second album, 'Haunt the Upper Hallways'

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