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Blonde Redhead


Conway Hall, London, 17/9/2004

Blonde Redhead - Conway Hall, London, 17/9/2004

Blonde Redhead's latest album, ''Misery Is A Butterfly'', has just been released on the 4AD label. At the Conway Hall in London watches the long-serving NYC act reject their noisy and abrasive past for something more dreamlike and melodic


Penny Sparkle (2010)

Understated and dreamy-sounding ninth album from New York rockers Blonde Redhead which finds them moving away from guitars and experimenting predominantly with synthesisers



Ottawa Cisco Systems Bluesfest
11/7/2010...18/7/2010 Miscellaneous - 11/7/2010...18/7/2010

...while in its second week he also sees performances from John Hiatt, Rush, Arcade Fire, the Gories, Blonde Redhead and Jimmy Cliff

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