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Emma Pollock


Social, London, 11/9/2008

Emma Pollock - Social, London, 11/9/2008

At the packed, tiny venue of the Social in London, Anthony Strutt former watches Delgados front woman Emma Pollock introduce her new album ,'Watch the Fireworks', to her hardcore fans at its launch gig with impressive flair and style


Paper and Glue (2007)

Latest single from former Delgados front woman Emma Pollock and the outstanding track from her debut solo album, 'Watch the Fireworks'

Watch the Fireworks (2007)

Superb debut solo album from former Delgadoes frontwoman, Emma Pollock

Acid Test (2007)

Dramatic second solo single from former Delgados star Emma Pollock

Adrenaline (2007)

Promising debut single from former Delgados front woman, Emma Pollock, who has an album out later in the year



Interview Delgados - Interview

The Delgados fourth album 'Hate' is the band's most critically acclaimed album to date yet. Anthony Strutt talks to frontwoman Emma Pollock about is recording, and the band's decision to switch to Mantra from their own Chemikal Underground label

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