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Ergo Phizmiz


Arcola Theatre, London, 16./8/2015

Ergo Phizmiz - Arcola Theatre, London, 16./8/2015

Maarten Schiethart enjoys avant-garde musician Ergo Phizmiz's offbeat and surreal opera about Salvador Dali at the Arcola Theatre in London


The Peacock (2014)

Offbeat and eccentric but immediately appealing rare studio album from under-rated singer-songwriter, Ergo Phizmiz

Eleven Songs (2012)

Offbeat and eccentric, but riveting second album from UK-based musician, producer and filmmaker, Ergo Phizmiz

Late (2010)

Political anti-Boris Johnson vinyl and download only single from avant garde musician Ergo Phizmiz

Things to Do and Make (2010)

Unique major label debut album for quirky avant-garde experimentalist, Ergo Phizmiz

Nose Points In Different Directions (2007)

Enjoyable anthology from unsung and provocative internet music hero, Ergo Phizmiz

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