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Babyshambles - Babyshambles

Marie Hazelwood takes photographs of ex-Libertines co-frontman Pete Doherty's current band at a show at the O2 Academy in Liverpool


Shotter's Nation (2007)

Suprisingly accomplished and smoothly-delivered second album from Peter Doherty's second band, Babyshambles

Delivery (2007)

Classy new single from Babyshambles, which shows Pete Doherty for all his drug problems capable of writing a great tune

Blinding EP (2006)

Surprising, excellent first major label release for Pete Doherty's post Libertines band, Baby Shambles



Peter Doherty
Hangar 34, Liverpool, 27/1/2018 Peter Doherty - Hangar 34, Liverpool, 27/1/2018

Andy Gordon at Hangar 34 in Liverpool enjoys an improvised set from Libertines' and Babyshambles' Peter Doherty. Photos from Amanda J Window.

Northumbria University, Newcastle, 28/9/2005 Maximo Park - Northumbria University, Newcastle, 28/9/2005

After a dreadful week in the media, Peter Doherty's Babyshambles band hit Newcastle. Jonjo McNeill watches them give a low key yet passionate performance in which the music far out played the hype

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