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Interview (2006)

Wilco - Interview

Former Wilco guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett has recorded four solo albums since acrimonously leaving Wilco in 2002. He chats to Ben Howarth about leaving Wilco and his latest solo album, 'The Magnificent Defeat'


Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, 4/8/2004

Wilco - Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, 4/8/2004

One of the great bands of the current time, former alternative country kingpins and now pioneers of the avant garde Wilco recently played a show in Ottawa, Andrtew Carver watches them play "an excellent show that maintained its momentum throughout"


Wilco (the album) (2009)

Rewarding self-titled seventh album from ever-evolving, experimental pioneers of alt.country, Wilco

A Ghost Is Born (2004)

Classy, futuristic electronica-based rock from the highly touted Wilco, which proves to be every bit the equal of their already classic last album, 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'


TD Lind
Interview TJ Lind - Interview

English born singer songwriter TD Lind has spent much of the last few years touring and living in America. With his debut album 'Let's Get Lost' just out, he talks to Malcolm Carter about songwriting, being on the road and playing gigs with Wilco and Ozzy Osbourne


Big Star
Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More Big Star - Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More

Mark Rowland enjoys DVD tribute concert 'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live ... And More' which features Big Star members Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer and also guests including REM's Mike Mills, Robyn Hitchcock and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy


Fillmore, Detroit, 10/12/2011 Cure - Fillmore, Detroit, 10/12/2011

At the Fillmore in Detroit, Carl Bookstein watches Wilco, with acclaimed singer-songwriter Nick Lowe as their support act, play an energetic set

Dour Festival
Dour, Belgium, 12/7/2007-15/72007 Miscellaneous - Dour, Belgium, 12/7/2007-15/72007

Based near the small Belgian town of Dour, the Dour festival is an annual four day festival. Ben Howarth sees performances from the likes of Sean Lennon, Bright Eyes, the Frames, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Wilco


This Metal Sky
Wilco Wild Cat Sleazy - Wilco

In his 'This Metal Sky' column, Jeff Thiessen writes of what he learnt after listening to Wilco's entire discography over a period of nine hours

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