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Interview (2013)

Undertones - Interview

Denzil Watson speaks to John O' Neill, the guitarist and main songwriter with influential late 70's/early 80's punk/new wave band the Undertones, about his band's career and their latest compilation album

Interview (2011)

Undertones - Interview

Denzil Watson speaks to bassist Michael Bradley from Northern Ireland punk pioneers and Peel favourites, the Undertones, about his band's long history and their just released double CD compilation album, 'True Confessions'

Interview (2003)

Undertones - Interview

Influential 70's punk act the Undertones have recently reformed. Backstage at a gig in Sheffield, they speak to Olga Sladeckova both about their past and also their new album, 'Get What You Need'


Casbah, Sheffield, 20/12/2003

Undertones - Casbah, Sheffield, 20/12/2003

Nearly 30 years on after first forming, and back with a new frontman Paul McLoone, the reformed Undertones still manage to "sound fresh as daisies" in a set that merges the old with the new at the Sheffield Casbah


Photoscapes (2022)

Undertones - Photoscapes

Andrew Twambley photographs pop=punk band The Undertones at a gig at the Manchester Acadmey.


Dig Yourself Deep (2008)

Fine second comeback album from the Undertones, which even without Feargal Sharkeu, would have had John Peel if he was still alive raving about it completely



Damian O'Neill
Interview Damian O'Neill - Interview

Denzil Watson talks to Undertones and That Petrol Emotion guitarist Damian O'Neill about his debut solo album 'Resit Revise Reprise', which is being released under the moniker of Damian O’Neill and The Monotones.


John Peel
Ten Songs That Made Me Love... Miscellaneous - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', Jamie Rowland writes of ten songs that he first heard listening to John Peel's late night Radio 1 show

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
October 2011 Miscellaneous - October 2011

In his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column Ben Howarth looks at former Undertones front man Feargal Sharkey's attempts to try to enforce through the Digital Economy Act 2010, after the political decision was made to repeal sections of it relating to filesharing

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
September 2010 Miscellaneous - September 2010

With the news that he will be hosting a pop quiz at the Conservative Party's annual conference in Birmingham, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' looks at the political career of former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey that has developed since he quit his solo career

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