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Turin Brakes


Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Turin Brakes - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Mary O’Meara watches Turin Brakes light up and lift off as they touch down at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on their 'Lost Property' tour

Slim's, San Francisco, 17/6/2003

Turin Brakes - Slim's, San Francisco, 17/6/2003

Long-term Turin Brakes fan Chris Jones watches the Balham duo play a perfect intimate set at Slim's, a medium-sized venue in San Francisco


Dark on Fire (2007)

Eclectic and soon addictive fourth collection of superior pop from acclaimed London duo, Turin Brakes

Ether Song (2003)

"Beautiful" , thoughtful, acoustic pop from Balham's much acclaimed Turin Brakes, back with their second album

The Optimist (2001)

A couple of excellent singles first drew attention to this excellent band from Nightingale Road. Turin Barkes have released a whole streak of fine songs since then, and The 'Optimist LP' firmly builds

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