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Thea Gilmore


Interview (2010)

Thea Gilmore - Interview

Critically acclaimed English singer-songwriter and musician Thea Gilmore talks to Lisa Torem about the challenging nature of her music and her recently released and milestone tenth album

Interview (2008)

Thea Gilmore - Interview

Massively acclaimed British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore has just released her seventh album, the stark and acoustic 'Liejacker', which is both a call for truth and a testament to two turbulent years in her life. She talks to John Clarkson about it


Small World Turning (2019)

New album from Thea Gilmore featuring Cara Dillon, Seth Lakeman and a host of others which shows Gilmore is still in a class of her own

Don't Stop Singing (2011)

Impressive latest album from British singer and songwriter Thea Gilmore, upon which she convincingly interprets previously unrecorded lyrics of the late Sandy Denny

John Wesley Harding (2011)

Fabulous reworking from English singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore of 'John Wesley Harding', Bob Dylan's still underrated 1968 album

Murphy's Heart (2010)

Magnetic and fiery tenth album from much acclaimed singer-songwriter, Thea Gilmore



Anais Mitchell
Union Chapel, London, 25/1/2011 Anais Mitchell - Union Chapel, London, 25/1/2011

Ben Howarth at the Union Chapel in London watches American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, with an extensive set of guest musicians including both Thea Gilmore and Jackie Leven, reenact her concept album, 'Hadestown', to standing ovation and hypnotic effect

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