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Garage, London, 2/4/2004

Beatsteaks - Garage, London, 2/4/2004

The Beatsteaks are a tight five piece from Germany who have spent four albums filtering and perfecting the US punk-rock format. Amidst a predimonantly adolescent audience, Daniel Cressey watches them play a short, but exciting set at the London Garage


Limbo Messiah (2010)

Superb 80's hardcore-influenced on debut album from hard working and energetic German group, Beatsteaks

Smack Smash (2004)

Enthusiastic and entertaining punk rock from German punks and Epitaph signings the Beatsteaks



Deconstruction Festival
Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004 Pennywise - Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004

At London's Deconstruction Festival, Philip Vincent finds himself reconverted to punk after watching sets from the likes of Pennywise, MxPx., Anti-Flag, the Slackers and the Beatsteaks

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