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Interview (2005)

Bats - Interview

Jangly indie New Zealand rockers the Bats have just returned after with their first album in 10 years 'The Bats at the National Grid'. John Clarkson talks to bassist Paul Kean about it and why they have not really been absent from the music scene.


Cancer Bats
Interview Cancer Bats - Interview

Heavy-sounding, but genreless Canadian act Cancer Bats have been touring constantly since the release of their third album earlier this year. Pennyblackmusic speaks to front man Liam Cormier about his group's increasing popularity and refusal to be pigeonholed


Download Festival 2 Miscellaneous - Download Festival 2

In the second part of our two part 'Photoscapes' feature from this year's Download festival, Katie Anderson photographs Gallows, the Cancer Bats and Korn

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