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Interview with Tim Farthing (2005)

Reigns - Interview with Tim Farthing

The Reigns is the new piano-based project of veteran of PJ Harvey's band Tim Farthing with his brother Roo . Ben Howarth speaks to Tim Farthing about the Reigns' debut album, 'We Lowered a Microphone into the Ground'


The House on the Causeway (2009)

Potentially magical pastoral post rock on third album from West country band Reigns, the project of brothers Tim and Roo Farthing, slightly marred by their decision to use spoken word on some of the tracks

Corners And The Straights (2005)

"Blissful" mix of post-rock, electronica and pastoral folk.on 7" debut single from the hotly-tipped the Reigns

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