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Radio 4


Gotham (2002)

Riveting " funk-punk masterpiece" from much under-rated New York-based band, Radio 4



Leeds Festival 1
27/8/2004...28/8/2004 Miscellaneous - 27/8/2004...28/8/2004

Across the first two days of Leeds' annual weekend festival new writer Dominic Simpson catches performances from the likes of Radio 4, the Others, Pretty Girls Make Graves, McLusky, the Shins and the Darkness


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
October 2007 Miscellaneous - October 2007

In the latest in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' applauds BBC Radio 4's under rated music programming, which manages to be comfortingly conservative and astoundingly radical and often both at once

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