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Predominant Lunatics


Interview (2005)

Predominant Lunatics - Interview

Swiss four-piece The Predominant Lunatics have drawn comparisions with The Go Betweens, The Cure, Interpol and Nick Cave. Anthony Strutt talks to them about their self-released mini debut album, 'Hoping for Dusk'


Thirteen Lost Souls (2007)

Masterful, highly impressive second album from Swiss shoegazing band the Predominant Lunatics

Cosmic Trip EP (2007)

Excellent new EP 'Cosmic Trip' from Swiss shoegazing act the Predominant Lunatics, which has been released as a prelude to their forthcoming second album, 'Thirteen Lost Souls'

Hoping For Dusk (2004)

First-rate debut album from new Swiss guitar rock band, the Predominant Lunatics, which will appeal to fans of the Cure and Interpol

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