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Prisoner of the 7 Pines (2008)

Somewhat dull and unnecessary collection of remixes from Birmingham-based elecronic group, Pram

The Moving Frontier (2007)

Minimal, but appealing jazz-orientated electronica on the latest album from the much rated Pram

Museum Of Imaginary Animals (2001)

If Pram ever decided to name an album 'Music Has The Right To Children', it would be justified. With Pram doing the educating, your kids would definitely grow up decently. Pram's second album is not



Darren Hayman
Interview Darren Hayman - Interview

The former front man with Hefner, Darren Hayman has just released his tenth album, 'Pram Town', a set of songs all set in the new town of Harlow in Essex. In what is our fifth interview with him, he speaks to Ben Howarth about it and his love of song writing

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