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You Hear The Song And It Is Long Ago (2003)

"Magnificent" debut album from Prague , which has a foot in both the emo and the indie rock camps



Dandy Warhols
Interview Dandy Warhols - Interview

The Dandy Warhols are currently one of the best known indie rock acts in the world. Singer Courtney Taylor and drummer Brent Deboer chat to Olga Sladeckova at their first show in Prague about the success of their band and the group's ten year history


Dandy Warhols
Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004 Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

The Dandy Warhols have played gigs all over the world, but until recently never the Czech Republic. Olga Sladeckova watches them make up for lost time time at the Roxy in Prague


Soundtrack of Our Lives
Tears in Heaven Miscellaneous - Tears in Heaven

Olga Sladeckova writes of an evening at her parents' house in Prague in 2001 spent with her late father and watching with him Eric Clapton perform 'Tears in Heaven' from his 'Unplugged' album

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