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Polyphonic Spree


Brighton Concorde, 28/9/2002

Polyphonic Spree - Brighton Concorde, 28/9/2002

In an age in which morals are low and crime is high, the 24 member strong Polyphonic Spree play with enough conviction to warm even the biggest cynic's heart. Lisa Mundy watches them in Brighton putting some much needed beauty back into people's lives



Reading Festival
22/8/2003-23/8/2003 Miscellaneous - 22/8/2003-23/8/2003

Back for a second year to the Reading Festival, Ben Howarth over the course of it first two days takes in such varied sights as Bowling for Soup, Mull Historical Society, Polyphonic Spree, the Ataris and Blur...

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