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Paula Kelley


Interview (2002)

Paula Kelley - Interview

Former Drop Nineteens guitarist and Boy Wonder frontman, Paula Kelley is back with her debut solo album, 'Nothing/Everything'. She chats to John Clarkson about, how despite its Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach influences, she has kept it contemporary

Interview Part 1 (2002)

Paula Kelley - Interview Part 1

'Boy Wonder' was first formed in early 1996 in Boston by its frontwoman and principal songwriter, Paula Kelley, who was previously in 'The Drop Nineteens' and 'Hot Rod'. The band's music merges ninet


Some Sucker's Life Part1 (2006)

Versatile collection of demos and lost recordings spanning from the early 90's to the current day from American musician and singer-songwriter, Paula Kelley

The Trouble With Success (2004)

Impressive new album from the ever dependable Boston singer-songwriter Paula Kelley, which this time finds her experimenting with a big band sound

Nothing Everything (2002)

Fine debut solo offering from Paula Kelley, the former Drop Nineteens guitarist and Boy Wonder frontwoman, which puts a contemporary take on the classic Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach sound

A Bit of Everything (2001)

Paula Kelley is one of those acts who has never quite met with the recognition her talent deserves. An outstandingly gifted musician and performer, Kelley is a leading force on the independent scene

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