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Paul Haig


Relive (2010)

Energetic and diverse latest album from former Josef K front man Paul Haig, who after almost nearly twenty years of making instrumental music has released with this his third album of vocal-led music in two and a half years

Go Out Tonight (2008)

Unsettling and haunting tenth solo album from former Josef K frontman, Paul Haig, which takes a paranoiac look at going out for an evening to compelling effect

Chain (2008)

Impressive reissue with extra tracks of former Josef K frontman Paul Haig's dance and funk-influenced 1989 solo album



Josef K
Interview Josef K - Interview

Although they were together barely two years, early 80's Edinburgh-based band Josef K's brittle guitar sound and nerve-worn lyrics have proved a massive influence on the likes of Franz Ferdinand. With a new compilation just out, John Clarkson chats to singer Paul Haig about his seminal group

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