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Ordinary Boys


Night and Day, Manchester, 8/11/2015

Ordinary Boys - Night and Day, Manchester, 8/11/2015

At the Night and Day Café in Manchester, Dixie Ernill finally gets to see the Ordinary Boys perform live over ten years after they first caught his ear, but whilst he can confirm they are no longer boys he finds them ordinary


The Ordinary Boys (2015)

Enjoyable first album in a decade from the Ordinary Boys, which finds them still not having entirely shaken off the Madness associations of the past yet also having moved on

Boys Will Be Boys (2006)

Catchy pop on single from Brighton's the Ordinary Boys, who have been thrust into instant fame after frontman Preston's appearance on Big Brother

Maybe Someday (2004)

Debut single from Clash and Billy Bragg-inspired new London punk band, the Ordinary Boys

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