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Corsica, London, 2/12/2007

Murcof - Corsica, London, 2/12/2007

Dan Cressey watches Californian musician play an enthralling set of his ethereal, abstract electronica against a background of specially commissioned abstract films at the Corsica in London


The Versailles Session (2009)

Stunning soundtrack from Mexican composer Murcof who was commissioned to write the score to the annual nightly water spectacle of Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes at the Palace of Versailles, and which is chamber music for the 21st century

Cosmos (2007)

Sometimes disturbing, but thoroughly compelling third album from Murcof, the project of Mexican musician Fernando Corona, who using purely classical instruments creates atmospheric minimalism on an immense scale

Remembranza (2005)

Gorgeous second album from electronic genius Murcof, who remains "outside of conventional genre boundaries" and whose work "is closer to modern abstract composers than to anything else"

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