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Monica Queen


Interview (2005)

Monica Queen - Interview

The former frontwoman with critically-acclaimed Glaswegian country rockers Thrum, Monica Queen has just rleeased her second solo album, 'The Return of the Sacred Heart.' She speaks to Anthony Strutt about it and working with Belle and Sebastian


10 Sorrowful Mysteries (2002)

Long awaited solo debut album from Monica Queen, former front woman with the highly acclaimed Scottish alt. country group Thrum



Interview Chris Connelly - Interview

Edinburgh-born but now Chicago-based singer-songwriter Chris Connelly talks to John Clarkson about his new album 'The Birthday Poems', which recorded with Monica Queen, is a fictionalized account of the romance between Stella Cartwright and poet George Mackay Brown .

Interview Thrum - Interview

Glaswegian solo artist Monica Queen talks to Anthony Strutt at a gig in London about her country band Thrum's second album and first since release in seventeen years

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