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Medium 21


Interview (2002)

Medium 21 - Interview

Indie guitar band Medium 21 have just finished their first tour of Britain. Olga Sladeckova chats to them backstage about their career to date, and the agonies of touring.


100 Club, London, 27/3/2003

Medium 21 - 100 Club, London, 27/3/2003

Recently signed to new major label Temptation records. Indie guitar band Medium 21 have just finished playing a major British tour. Olga Sladeckoba watches them and support band the Capes on its last night both play energetic sets


Acting Like a Mirror (2003)

Medium 21 - Acting Like a Mirror

Indie guitar band Medium 21 recently signed to Temptation Records, a new label set up indie label Fierce Panda and major label Universal. Olga Sladeckova examines the band's new EP 'Acting Like a Mirror', which is Temptation's first release


Plans Arent Enough (2001)

Medium 21 are a 4-piece guitar band from London, who have been attracting a lot of attention in the last few months. Formed in 1999, the group, which consists of Craig Grown, John Clough, Drew Kent



Interview with Danny Corr Miscellaneous - Interview with Danny Corr

Only a year old, London label Outafocus has already released two CDs by Medium 21, and also the debut EP of Freeheat, ex JAMC man Jim Reid's new band. Label boss Danny Corr talks to Olga Sladeckova about its exciting future.

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