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Interview (2002)

Jumbo - Interview

It has been two years since the Newcastle-upon-Tyne group, Jumbo, first emerged on to the British independent music scene with its eclectic debut album, 'CB Mamas'. Released on a fledgling local label, Bright Orange Biscuit, 'CB Mamas' flits and shift


Jumbo (2001)

Since getting tongues wagging enthusiastically over their 1999 debut album ‘CB Mamas’, Newcastle’s Jumbo, heralded by many as the UK’s answer to The Flaming Lips, have maintained a relatively low prof



Interview World Party - Interview

World Party mainman Karl Wallinger looks back on the band’s career from its 1987 inception, focusing on acclaimed 1990 LP ‘Goodbye Jumbo’ which has recently been reissued.

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