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Judy Collins


Interview (2016)

Judy Collins - Interview

Judy Collins returns to talk with Lisa Torem about the creation of her brilliant new co-written album with Ari Hest, ‘Silver Skies Blue’, her life as an author and touring

Interview with Simon Crowe (2013)

Judy Collins - Interview with Simon Crowe

Paul Waller speaks to Simon Crowe, the drummer with 70's/80's punk/new wave band the Boomtown Rats, about his group's history and their recent reformation

Interview (2013)

Judy Collins - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to 60's folk icon Judy Collins about her musical heritage and work with mental health charities


Ravinia Park, Chicago, 6/6/2013

Judy Collins - Ravinia Park, Chicago, 6/6/2013

Lisa Torem watches 60's folk veteran Judy Collins play an emotive and cobvincing set at Ravinia Park in Chicago

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