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Interview Part 2 (2005)

JJ72 - Interview Part 2

In the second part of our two part interview, JJ72 talk to Anthony Strutt about their forthcoming and long-awaited third album

Interview Part 1 (2005)

JJ72 - Interview Part 1

Dublin-based indie guitar trio JJ72 are about to return with a third album. In the first partof a two part interview, Anthony Strutt talks to the band about it, original bassist Hilary Wood's decision to leave and her replacement Sarah Fox


93 Feet East, London, 18/5/2005

JJ72 - 93 Feet East, London,  18/5/2005

Back after a two and a half year break and with a new bassist, Anthony Strutt watches Irish indie guitar trio JJ72 play an explosive set of old abd new songs at London's 93 Feet East


Profile (2002)

JJ72 - Profile

Last summer, in clubs and at gigs around London, I began seeing skinny, fashionably dishevelled-looking youngsters wearing black tee shirts simply inscribed ‘JJ72.’ By the time I had figured out that


She's Gone (2005)

Ultra limited comeback single from Irish trio JJ72, which has a much harder sound than their previous records

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