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Jason Ringenberg


Interview (2021)

Jason Ringenberg - Interview

Hailed as ‘The Godfather of Americana’, US roots rock musician Jason Ringenberg recently issued new solo LP ‘Rhinestoned’ to outstanding praise. Julie Cruickshank caught up with the alt. country pioneer to chat about the making of the album and formative influences

Interview (2007)

Jason Ringenberg - Interview

The former frontman with cowpunk pioneers Jason and the Scorchers, Jason Ringenberg currently runs both a solo career and also one for one children under the moniker of Farmer Jason, He speaks to John Clarkson about trhe Scorchers, his non-stop touring schedule and his present work


Rhinestoned (2021)

Highly enjoyable solo effort, which was recorded during the 2020 Covid lockdown, from Tennessee’s Jason Ringenberg, one of the early pioneers of alt. country

Stand Tall (2019)

Latest album from country legend Jason Ringenberg which almost didn’t happen but proves to be one of his best to date

Best Tracks And Side Tracks 1979 - 2007 (2008)

Perfect double CD compilation which overlooks all aspects of Jason Ringenberg's thirty year long career, including his work as the frontman with Jason and the Scorchers, his solo albums and as Farmer Jason, his alter ego

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