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Angels Of Light


Interview (2007)

Angels Of Light - Interview

Ex-Swans front-man and owner of Young God records Michael Gira's latest musical project Angels of Light has just released its fifth album 'We Are Him'. Jamie Rowland chats to him about it, the potentially bleak future of Young God and his music


Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007

Angels Of Light - Astoria 2, London, 1/11/2007

At the Astoria 2 in London, Sarah Maybank watches experimental art trio Animal Collective play a dark relationship conflict-inducing, but hit-and-miss set


We are Him (2007)

Latest album from Michael Gira's Angels of Light which despite replacing the industrialism of his first, most famous band the Swans with a combination of folk, country and hillbilly music remains doom-laden and disturbing

Angels Of Light Sing Other People (2005)

Disturbing new record from former Swans frontman Michael Gira's follow-up act Angels of Light, which is a further "finely formed celebration and condemnation of humanity’s dark interior "

Everything Is Good Here / Please Come Home (2003)

Latest double album from former Swans mastermind M.Gira's new band, which finds him making "a successful attempt at crafting a more accessible sound"

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