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Inspiral Carpets


Interview with Tom Hingley (2003)

Inspiral Carpets - Interview with Tom Hingley

One of the most famous of all the Madchester groups , the Inspiral Carpets have recently reformed and have a new box set out and have just toured. Frontman Tom Hingley talks to Anthony Strutt about the group's history


Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 24/3/2013

With their original front man Stephen Holt back with them after an absence of twenty four years, Dave Goodwin watches the Inspiral Carpets play a frenzied show at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham

Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 10/3/2007

Inspiral Carpets - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 10/3/2007

On their third comeback tour, Anthony Strutt enjoys a perfect evening of psychedelic pop from 90's group the Inspiral Carpets

Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 5/12/2003

Inspiral Carpets - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 5/12/2003

Always a great party band, the reformed Inspiral Carpets show themselves to be still capable of living "up to their legend" at a shortened, but impressive set at the Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy, London, 4/4/2003

Inspiral Carpets - Brixton Academy, London, 4/4/2003

Always the coolest and trendiest of all the early 90's Madchester acts, the Inspiral Carpets recently reformed for a one-off tour. Anthony Strutt finds them to be on fine form at London's Brixton Academy


Cool as... (2003)

Inspiral Carpets - Cool as...

The reformed Inspiral Carpets recently toured Britain, and also have an excellent new box set 'Cool as...' out soon . Anthony Strutt reflects back on their history, and profiles this new retrospective


Inspiral Carpets (2014)

Exuberant comeback album from the Inspiral Carpets, which finds the group reunited with their original vocalist Stephen Holt

You're So Good For Me/Head For the Sun (2012)

Fantastic post-punk influenced first single in nine years from the Inspiral Carpets



Interview Loves - Interview

Simon Love, the front man with bubblegum punks the Loves, has hired and fired nearly 30 musicians since forming the Loves in his parents' garage in 2000. Sarah Maybank speaks to him about this and his group's much acclaimed second album the Loves

Interview Coin Op - Interview

Despite forming only 18 months ago, British indie group Coin-op have already begun to make an impact, touring with the Inspiral Carpets, and releasing a mini-album on Fierce Panda. Olga Sladeckova chats to them about their rapid rise

Interview Loves - Interview

One of the rising stars of the Track and Field label, Cardiff's the Loves have recently released their second single 'Just Like Bobby D'. Gary Wollen is enraptured with their cool reckless charm and personable optimism


Gigantic Indie All Dayer Vol. 2
Academy, Manchester, 23/5/2015 Miscellaneous - Academy, Manchester, 23/5/2015

Billy Seagrave attends the second Gigantic All Dayer at the Manchester Academy and enjoys sets from the Primitives, Hurricane No. 1, the Gang of Four, Pop Will Eat Itself, the Inspiral Carpets and the recently reformed the High, who have got back together after an absence of twenty-two yers

Toynbee Arts Cafe, London, 21/2/2003 Loves - Toynbee Arts Cafe, London, 21/2/2003

With their debut album out shortly, Cardiff's the Loves are one of the great hopes of British indie pop. Gary Wollen finds their "crash, bang, wallop concoction of the coolest 60's underground chic" and "Bubblegum accessibility" to be irresistible

London Betsey Trotwood, 24/5/2002 Loves - London Betsey Trotwood, 24/5/2002

Despite being treated with antipathy in their native Cardiff, Gary Wollen discoversthe Loves' recent gig in London to be "a genuine reason to believe in music again"

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