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Icarus Line


Interview with Joe Cardamone (2002)

Icarus Line - Interview with Joe Cardamone

One of the most notorious of new acts on the American punk scene, the Icarus Line have already established a reputation for being outspoken . Mark Rowland talks to frontman Joe Cardonne about the group's new album 'Mono' and their continuing controversy


Oxford Zodiac, 6/7/2002

Icarus Line - Oxford Zodiac, 6/7/2002

One of the big hitters of the current punk revival, American group the Icarus Line have been gigging in both the UK and Europe. Despite being the subject of a recent PB interview, Julia Willis thinks she has entered Hell at a recent Oxford show


Wildlife (2011)

Unfocused-sounding fourth album from Californian experimentalist outfit, the Icarus Line



Dead Meadow, the Icarus Line and the 400
Babylon, Ottawa, 3/7/2004 Dead Meadow - Babylon, Ottawa, 3/7/2004

Despite the critical praise and underground credibility of Dead Meadow, the Icarus Line and the 400 Blows their recent triple bill show Ottawa had a lacklustre turnout. Andrew Carver watches a worthwhile gig take place against the odds


Nine Inch Nails

Matt Williams photographs industrial act Nine Inch Nails, who are allegedly stopping touring, on their farewell London date at the O2 Arena

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