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Howe Gelb


Luminaire, London, 4/10/2009

Howe Gelb - Luminaire, London, 4/10/2009

At the London Luminaire, Anthony Middleton watches Howe Gelb manage to pull off the rare trick of being both consumately entertaining and also genuinely experimental and inspirational

Bodoga, Nottingham, 2/10//2009

Howe Gelb - Bodoga, Nottingham, 2/10//2009

Despite being confined by the small stage of the Nottingham Bodega, Sarah Mwangi sees upbeat Cumbria-based indie rock outfit Wild Beasts play an exuberant and forceful set

Babylon, Ottawa, 2/3/2006

Howe Gelb - Babylon, Ottawa, 2/3/2006

Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb's recent new solo album has found him working with an Ottawa gospel choir Voices of Praise. Andrew Carver watches him reunite with them for a compelling performance with them at the Ottawa Babylon


Sno Angel Like You (2016)

Howe Gelb - Sno Angel Like You

Keith How examines Giant Sand front man Howe Gelb's solo album 'Sno Angel Like You' which found him working with a Canadian Gospel choir and finds it standing the test of time


Gathered (2019)

Off-kilter but haunting lounge jazz on new solo album from former Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb

Future Standards (2017)

Surprising new direction for ex-Giant Sand leader Howe Gelb on his first album since the dissolution of his former band

7 Inches of 'Sno (2010)

Irresistible and wonderfully presented and packaged gospel-influenced double seven inch vinyl single from Giant Sand front man, Howe Gelb



Lonna Kelley
Interview Lonna Kelley - Interview

Solo artist and Giant Sand member Lonna Kelley speaks to John Clarkson about her first single in four years, 'Will I See You?', and her new band Ard Eevin which includes Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums.

Interview Sigmatropic - Interview

Sigmatropic is the project of Athens-based electro folk artist Akis Boyatzis. John Clarkson chats to him about his two recent albums, which have finds him working with a wide catalogue of guest singers including Robert Wyatt, Carla Torgerson, Mark Eitzel Howe Gelb, Robert Fisher and Cat Power.

Giant Sand
Interview Giant Sand - Interview

Back with their first album in four years, Giant Sand have returned with an almost entirely new line-up. Frontman Howe Gelb talks about the departure of his regular band mates John Convertino and Joey Burns, and the new album‘, Is All Over...The Map’


Giant Sand
Returns to Valley of Rain Giant Sand - Returns to Valley of Rain

In our 'Re:View' section, Steve KInrade examines seminal Americana act Giant Sand's latest album 'Returns to Valley of Rain', which is a reworking of their 1985 debut album, 'Valley of Rain'.

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