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Handsome Family


Interview (2013)

Handsome Family - Interview

New Mexico husband-and-wife Americana duo the Handsome Family talk to Richard Lewis at a show in Liverpool about their critically acclaimed latest album 'Wilderness'


Memorial Hall, Sheffield, 19/3/2105

Handsome Family - Memorial Hall, Sheffield, 19/3/2105

Nicky Crewe enjoys husband-and-wife duo the Handsome Family's unusual Gothic-tinged Americana a gig at the Memorial Hall in Sheffield


Unseen (2016)

Consistent latest album from the Handsome Family, the band of husband-and-wife duo Brett and Rennie Sparks

Wilderness (2013)

Fabulous combination of Southern Gothic-inspired folk and country on tenth album from husband-and-wife duo, the Handsome Family

Honey Moon (2009)

Surprisingly upbeat and mould-breaking eighth album from Gothic Americana husband-and-wife duo the Handsome Family, which, while commendable, proves less engaging than some of their other releases



Tom Bridgewater
Interview Tom Bridgewater - Interview

Owen Peters talks to Tom Bridgewater, the owner of Europe’s leading Americana label Loose Music, about his label’s lengthy history

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