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Live at the Gong Family Unconvention (2008)

Gong - Live at the Gong Family Unconvention

Over forty years from first forming, Chris O' Toole finds psychedelic rockers Gong remaining a vital and mercurial presence on a live DVD filmed at the three day third Cong Family Unconvention at the Melkweg in Amsterdam


Camembert Electrique (2015)

Gong - Camembert Electrique

The late Daevid Allen’s legacy is enough to fire up the most jaded amongst us. This latest reissue of Gong’s ‘Camembert Electrique’, which comes with stunning packaging, does just that


Rejoice! I'm Dead (2016)

Fantastic latest album from prog rock outfit Gong and their first without their co-founder Daevid Allen who died last year

I See You (2015)

Appealing blend of psychedelia, jazz, folk and prog-rock on latest album from 60’s survivors, Gong

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