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Golden Famile


Interview (2004)

Golden Famile - Interview

Canadian group the Golden Famile have been described as having made "made a better Neil Young than Young has himself in recent years" with their new album 'Eastern Cloudy'. Frontman Darrell Angus talks to John Clarkson

Interview (2002)

Golden Famile - Interview

The release of Golden Famile’s self-titled debut album brings with it the spark of interest garnered from it’s haunting lyrics and melodies.Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, it’s singer-songwriter front man, Darrell Angus incorporates a number of folksy back-w


Eastern Cloudy (2004)

Experimental second album from Ottawa-based collective the Golden Famile, which finds them slotting "into a middle gap between the back catalogue of Paul Westerberg and the more ramshackle moments of Neil Young"

Golden Famile (2001)

Golden Famile's eponymous debut album is the third release of Music for Cats Records, a new small independent label from Ottawa in Canada, the aim of which is to support and to promote local and home



Black Keys, Nathaniel Mayer, Weapons of
Barrymore's, Ottawa, 18/11/2005 Melt Banana - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 18/11/2005

At Barrymore's in Ottawa, Andrew Carver enjoys energetic performances the Black Keys, Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Golden Famile, but it is sexagenarian Detroit soul singer Nathaniel Mayer who steals the show

Asteroid No. 4 and Golden Famile
Bumper's Roadhouse, Ottawa, 7/6/2003 Naughty By Nature - Bumper's Roadhouse, Ottawa, 7/6/2003

Despite a surprisingly low turnout, Andrew Carver watches undaunted country rockers Asteroid No. 4 and the Golden Famile play spectacular sets in their local Ottawa

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