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Gina Villalobos


Interview (2005)

Gina Villalobos - Interview

Gina Villalobos' album 'Rock and Roll Pony' has earned her folk artist status, but also has roots in country and rock. She talks to Sarah Johnson about the accident which damaged and nearly lost her her sight, depression and her plans for her next record


Can't Find My Way Home (2008)

Superb cover on new download only single from honeyed-voiced Californian musician Gina Villalobos, who takes Steve Winwood's classic song and makes it her own

Miles Away (2006)

Outstanding and harmonic second album from highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter and Americana artist, Gina Villalobos

Rock 'n' Roll Pony (2005)

Luscious, rueful country rock on second album from latest Laughing Oulaw signing, Gina Villalobos

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