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Giant Sand


Interview (2004)

Giant Sand - Interview

Back with their first album in four years, Giant Sand have returned with an almost entirely new line-up. Frontman Howe Gelb talks about the departure of his regular band mates John Convertino and Joey Burns, and the new album‘, Is All Over...The Map’

Interview (2004)

Giant Sand - Interview

Fiery Canadian indie rockers Despitado have recently signed to the Jade Tree label and have just released a six track EP, 'The Emergency Response' . Frontman Dagan Harding tells Ben Howarth of the down to earth ambitions of his band


Ramp (2020)

Giant Sand - Ramp

Adrian P examines Giant Sand’s much-cherished 1991 studio album once more, which Fire Records have rebooted once more with a renewed double-disc edition.

Returns to Valley of Rain (2018)

Giant Sand - Returns to Valley of Rain

In our 'Re:View' section, Steve KInrade examines seminal Americana act Giant Sand's latest album 'Returns to Valley of Rain', which is a reworking of their 1985 debut album, 'Valley of Rain'.


Recounting The Ballads of Thin Line Men (2019)

For his second re-recording of an early-Giant Sand album, Howe Gelb leads the way through a skewed refashioning of 1986’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Line Man’

Blurry Blue Mountain (2010)

Initriguingly laidback and sparse latest album from Giant Sand, the main focus of Howe Gelb who often credited as being the founder of alt. country is now in the twenty fifth year of his recording career



Lonna Kelley
Interview Lonna Kelley - Interview

Solo artist and Giant Sand member Lonna Kelley speaks to John Clarkson about her first single in four years, 'Will I See You?', and her new band Ard Eevin which includes Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums.


Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 28/4/2015 Calexico - Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 28/4/2015

With a mix of songs both old and new spread over two joyful hours, Jamie Rowland finds that Calexico’s phenomenal set at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London still feels way too short

Howe Gelb
Babylon, Ottawa, 2/3/2006 Howe Gelb - Babylon, Ottawa, 2/3/2006

Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb's recent new solo album has found him working with an Ottawa gospel choir Voices of Praise. Andrew Carver watches him reunite with them for a compelling performance with them at the Ottawa Babylon


Howe Gelb
Sno Angel Like You Howe Gelb - Sno Angel Like You

Keith How examines Giant Sand front man Howe Gelb's solo album 'Sno Angel Like You' which found him working with a Canadian Gospel choir and finds it standing the test of time

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