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Interview (2015)

Donovan - Interview

Nick Dent-Robinson speaks to singer-songwriter and folk artist Donovan before a show in Oxford about his fiftieth anniversary tour and his continued love of music

Interview (2013)

Donovan - Interview

Lisa Torem talks to Donovan about the forthcoming second volume of his autobiography which will be coming out as an audio book and his new album 'Shadows of Blue', which was recorded in Nashville

Interview (2011)

Donovan - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to 60's pop-folk legend Donovan about his latest album 'Ritual Groove', which was produced by film director David Lynch, his childhood musical influences and unique guitar style


In the 1960's (2022)

Donovan - In the 1960's

Lisa Torem finds Jeff Fitzgerald’s new book about Donovan’s work in the 1960s an enjoyable read.

Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2016)

Donovan - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love', our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a particular band or artist, Lisa Torem writes of some of her favourite songs by 60's folk artist Donovan



Gypsy Dave Mills
Interview Gypsy Dave Mills - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to British poet, songwriter and sculptor Gypsy Dave Mills about his new 60's autobiography 'Knights of the Road', which chronicles his years as best friend Donovan's tour manager

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