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Comsat Angels


Interview (2016)

Comsat Angels - Interview

Denzil Watson speaks to Stephen Fellows, the frontman from Sheffield-based 80's post-punk group the Comsat Angels, about the reissue of four of their albums in double CD editions

Interview with Stephen Fellows (2006)

Comsat Angels - Interview with Stephen Fellows

One of the most underrated acts of the early 80's, the Comsat Angels twinned together sparse, economical musicianship and a large sound. While other bands of the era with a big sound such as U2, Simpl


Profile (2007)

Comsat Angels - Profile

Brooding post-punk 80's and early 90's Sheffield act the Comsat Angels are in the process of having their back catalogue reissued by the Renascent label. Denzil Watson profiles the three latest re-releases, demos and rarities album, 'To Before' and latter releases, 'My Mind's Eye and 'The Glamour'


Islington Academy, London, 24/10/2009

Comsat Angels - Islington Academy, London, 24/10/2009

On the last date of a short four day tour and their first London gig in nearly fifteen years, Anthony Strutt finds reformed Sheffield post-punks Comsat Angels to be both a powerful and still very contemporary live force

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