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Comets On Fire


Interview (2008)

Comets On Fire - Interview

After a one-off gig at the Luminaire in London, Dominic Simpson speaks to Erthan Miller from much acclaimed Californian garage/psychedelic act Comets on Fire about his band and its members' other successful projects

Interview (2005)

Comets On Fire - Interview

Santa Cruz psychedelic rockers Comets on Fire recently toured Europe. Dominic Simpson talks to guitarist Ethan Miller about playing with with Julian Cope, and the band's recent British appearances


Scala, London, 30/5/2007

Comets On Fire - Scala, London, 30/5/2007

American psychedelic group Comets on Fire's latest release, 'Avater', has been applauded by many aspects of the media. Chris O' Toole watches them live up to the hype at a show at the London Scala


Avatar (2006)

70's inspired psychedelic and free-folk inspired rock on fourth album from much acclaimed Californian group Comets on Fire



Six Organs of Admittance
Interview Six Organs Of Admittance - Interview

Guitarist Ben Chasny, who also plays in Comets on Fire and lots of other act, talks to Dominic Simpson about his psych-folk project Six Organs of Admittance and its new album, 'Shelter from the Ash'

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